Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 2015

Our internet is super slow tonight so I will have to update another night, until then...

Our sweet friend, Kaylin has been blessed with a photographing talent that she is so generous with. She took Christmas pictures for 16+ families and I am so thankful for her ability and love for photography! 

Time seems to keep on moving and these kids are growing SO very fast.. short update on everyone:

L- Now a 6  YEAR OLD!!! TALL, sweet, handsome, loving, serving, genuine, snuggly young man. This boy blows me away. His maturity, love for learning and love to help is beautiful! He loves God & we have loved seeing how the Lord is using this sweet boy & growing him in His image. He works hard, LOVES to read, asks lots of questions, super focused (not always on the task at hand), inquisitive, and loves to problem solve. He makes a friend wherever he goes and thank goodness has a wonderful memory (has to help his Momma every so often). He has started soccer at the beginning of this month and it has been so fun to watch him and I'm enjoying getting to encourage him and bring some orange slices :). He is also doing swimming in school and a lesson outside of school and really loves it! 

J- Now a 4 YEAR OLD!!! This cheeky boy has grown so much independence and confidence this year, we are SO proud of him. He is hilarious, so sweet, quick, thoughtful, caring, adoring, and encouraging. His laugh is contagious. He continues to shy easily & dislikes being the center of attention. He loves to make people laugh and has a smile on his face more times than not. He is stubborn, but more than that he is SO LOVING. His favorite things to do is get a back rub or foot rub & read books- adores one on one time. He adores his siblings and is always on the lookout for them. He has a knack for sports and we cannot wait to see the path he chooses for that. He plays basketball once a week (little fireball) and loves it as well as takes a sports class (teaches a different sport each session), focuses on learning skills. 

H- Now 18 MONTHS OLD!! This girl is precious, she has a bit a sass with a side of sweetness and a whole lot of personality. Her smile is contagious & you just can't help but smile when your with her. She is independent & follows instructions so well and goes with the flow. She ADORES her brothers & wants to be wherever they are and doing what they are doing. She's a climber-- understatement-- and stealthy (you never hear her). She loves to cuddle & give lovins & is learning so many words right now. Some favorites: "momma" (and if she can't get my attention she yells a bit louder, and louder, and adds a stomp in the last time), "Dada" (this girl LOVES her Daddy), Bubba, Please, Ta (Thank you), Up, Down, Ball, Book, Bird, Dog, Pa (Paci), WaWa (Water), Cracker. Keeping us on our toes & our cup runneth over with blessings!!

As for JD & I we have finally started date night back again and have a sitter that comes once a week so we can go out. Phenomenal- cant believe we didn't start doing this sooner!  We have LOVED this little bit of extra time each week where we can really sit down and talk as well as "date" each other! I feel like such a lucky lady :) We play volleyball once a week and JD plays futsol once a week as well with a group of friends. I am helping in Logans class with Reading groups once a week, which to me is a huge blessing!! We have begun reading Chronicles of Narnia at night with the boys and they are just eating it up! We have been fortunate to be able to take a few weekend trips lately and so very much enjoyed a house guest. JD has been rehabbing a knee injury and I am getting ready to start training for my first Triathalon (Ultra not full). JD and I have started getting more involved with our church here and joined Bible Studies- huge blessing, as well as the littles and I have been doing a few playgroups during the week and so very much enjoying those! 

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